Cleaning your air filters

for your machines.


Your mx.flow benefit

Automatically clean your air filters.
3 functions in 1 device

measuring . cleaning . documentation
  • increase your equipment availability (OEE) and life time
  • prevent hazards caused by mal maintained engines or machines
  • track your maintenance activities
  • protect employees and environment
  • safe money and resources
Invesment Photo



  • L/H/W = 3000 x 2200 x 800 mm
  • weight appr 750 kg
  • EC Conformity
  • electricity supply 3 x AC 400 V, 4 kW
Cylindrical or cone-shaped
diameter 120 - 500 mm
maximum height 1000 mm
  • one single chamber for measuring and cleaning
  • integrated exhaust air cleaning
  • user-friendly control (PLC) with integrated printer for documentation purposes
  • robust industrial design
  • integrated filter maintenance database


Where it all started…

During our professional life in different industries, we, the founders of mx.flow, experienced that filters have been either ill-maintained or not changed regularly; simply, because there was no economic and professional solution. Our passion to find a first-class solution, inspired us to develop mx.flow.

Rudi Faschang
Rudi Faschang Entrepreneur and passionate motor biker

“During my motor cycle tours in South America, Russia, Tibet, South Africa and other countries I frequently encountered situations where machines and trucks at mines went defect - just because filter have not paid adequate attention to. Running my own OEM business, I felt that I could help customers by developing a first class solution: mx.flow.”

 Fred Faschang
Fred Faschang Finance manager

“Somehow I realized that there musts be a better solution to supply combustion engines and machines with fresh air: a solution, that would have to be both, economical and environment friendly.”

 Herbert Kendler
Herbert Kendler Expert in air pollution control

“I have been in the air pollution control industry for almost two decades. Seeing people cleaning filters manually and thereby risking their health, inspired me to look for a solution.”